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QardioArm 2

Very flakey. Requires me to plug it in to its charging cable in order to take my blood pressure. Very inconvenient.

Does not attach to 5g internet, which is what most people use nowadays. So needless to say, I can’t use the Bluetooth feature. The scale in my opinion is a waste of money if you can’t use it for what you bought it for.

Super easy to navigate

QardioArm 2

Got my doctor to take notice of my BP running high! So easy to use!

Love my scale! One problem but it can be worked out. It does not wirelessly connect to the 5 ghz. You must have 2.4 ghz to connect automatically through your WiFi. But, you can manually press the button on your scale to connect the scale to your phone.


I recently just underwent heart surgery and this device along with my Qardio BP monitor are by far the best devices I own to ensure my health and recovery is on track. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you.

QardioBase X

I love my new base it was so easy to set up and I just loved that. It gives me all kinds of measurements. I’m going to get it set up with my doctor so I can just send everything to him. This is one of the best buys I’ve ever made.

Inaccurate readings. Customer service won’t respond to emails.

Works great. Love that it supports multiple users. A bit tricky to setup but works great once it’s done.

QardioArm 2

I love this product. This is my second one. My first one lasted me four years.

QardioBase X

I love this scale even though there is a huge issue with it.

The surface is HUGE, it will easily accommodate a Big Foot, and the display is easily readable even with my nearsightedness.

The issue? You can’t export the collected data out of the app and into a spreadsheet. This is important to me to track my fitness progress.

If the app had that function I would, unreservedly, give the scale 5 stars.

I still have not received my Oximeter for this order everything else works as intended

QardioBase X



Really good and easy, only down side is that the rechargeable one isn’t available yet

QardioBase X

The product keeps playing up.

So far, I like these two products. Still disappointed that it’s been over a month and the scale never arrived. I’ve tried several times contacting support and received no answers. 

QardioBase X

Works as advertised

You turn it on by unwrapping it and then scramble to get it on your arm to start measuring. I find that my pressure rises as I’m doing the scrambling. You can’t sit and be still for a couple of minutes before you measure or it turns off. So…. You take it off and start all over.

After just a few uses the tab on the cuff pulled off and it no longer functions.

I like the app and having your records on your phone is great.

QardioBase X
Edward Wickett (Toronto, CA)
QardioArm is cat proof

I had to replace my regular blood pressure meter several times because they would stop working, and giving me error messages. I finally found out why. I walked into my room one day to find my cat chewing the rubber tube from machine to cuff. So the air was escaping from the tiny, invisible holes in the tube. So, I went in search of a replacement that would eliminate the problem.
QardioArm did it. No tubes, and accurate. I took mine with me to the doctor and checked my blood pressure right after the doctor used her equipment and it was very close. My doctor was satisfied that it was accurate. She even wrote down the name and said she would inform patients who had any problems with their tubing.

QardioBase X
Henry Torres (Stockton, US)
You won't be sorry

I already have the blood pressure, body temp, Sp02 devices and love them with the Qardio app on my iPhone. So why not get real and try the QardioBase smart body composition scale. It works great, I love knowing my BMI, Body fat, water, muscle and on and on. These are important to know and check on a regular schedule. I can show my doctor or others involved in my health care. I make sure I eat right, take care of my body with exercise, etc. This makes me check on my health. The scale is amazing! Does so much, so look, listen and stay healthy!

Henry Wilting (Victoria, CA)

Have used the Quardio arm for years until the unit packed it in and I replaced it. Since I travel a lot the unit is compact and easy to take along.

R.F. (Toronto, CA)
Super Happy

I’ve owned my Qardio now for several years & I love it. Easy to use & accurate. The best part is that it’s so portable & can just toss it in my luggage for travel. 5 stars all the way!

Ida Toledo (Las Vegas, US)


Works fine.

QardioArm Case
Peter Aldworth (Abingdon, GB)

Nice and neat

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